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Quality policy

Flexographic Solutions, S.L. is a national company, with more than 20 years of experience and great knowledge of the sector, which has made us a benchmark in the national flexographic market in a short time. We coordinate all phases of our process in detail, integrating the client, thus increasing communication and minimizing the possibility of incidents.

The activity you carry out, Flexographic Solutions, S.L. conforming to the quality required according to the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 is:

Flexography Prepress

The Policy statement issued by management includes the following main points of action:

1 . Commitment to meeting the explicit and implicit demands, requirements and expectations of our clients and other interested parties as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

2 . In the strategic lines defined by our management, which are: having satisfied customers, optimizing productive resources, consolidating our position in the market, obtaining maximum profitability for our shareholders and working with a prepared and competent human team at all levels. ; We have determined the company's objectives that we have disseminated at all levels of our structure.

3 . Implement Quality indicators, as well as monitor their level of progress, so that it allows us to know and ensure the product and the level of quality desired by our client.

4 . Ensure that working conditions are optimal by evaluating the risks that may occur in the processes, eliminating them as much as possible and reducing those evaluated.

5 . Develop continuous training programs aimed at the best qualification of our workers, thus involving all staff in achieving all the objectives established in this document.

6 . Consolidate the process of continuous improvement in the performance of all activities carried out in the Company, with management acquiring the commitment to continually improve the quality system.

7 . Promote and achieve a motivating environment for all members of the company.

8 . Be respectful of the environment by reducing pollution, waste and being efficient in fuel consumption.

The Management makes this policy accessible and makes it available to its clients, all its employees, suppliers and other interested parties.

The Policy is kept up to date through periodic reviews, coinciding with management reviews of the system, in order to take into account changes in environmental conditions and the information received. In that sense, management provides and will provide all the human, technical and economic means necessary to achieve the objectives and goals that are established on a scheduled and periodic basis.

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