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Know how - Brand to Package

We conceive of pre-printing as a six phase process that begins with design and ends with printing. The purpose of this process is to technically prepare a creative idea for transferring it to digital media and producing uniform impressions and packaging.

We understand your specific needs and our versatility allows us to adapt to them.




Color Management

Remote Proofs

Implantation and methodology



Introduction of R & D

Traditionally the activity of a company like Flexographic Solutions S.L. Consists of giving pre-printing services of packaging, especially those that will be printed in Flexography, to printers.

After analyzing the current market situation, we have seen the need to take a step forward to serve, not so much the printers, but the owners of the packaging, the Brand Owners.

To carry out this idea, we have created an R & D department to improve efficiency and productive efficiency, as well as to expand the range of services we can offer to printers and also especially to the Brands.