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We analyze the set of your printers to adjust their parameters so that all print jobs retain the greatest identity that is technically possible.

Full control of the process prior to printing by the user. The user freely accesses the analysis that our system does on their files, giving them the necessary information for their correct reproduction.



Formed by a team of professionals. We have a current equipment and software that provide the best production tools for prepress. Prepress professionals prepare and work designs to convert them into ready-to-print files, quickly, without sacrificing quality.

The prepress area deals with the management, organization and planning of the graphic chain.


Equinox Is the exclusive color technology for printing with an expanded gamut. Bring your productivity to a higher level, reducing production costs, eliminating unproductive times and ink changes in the press. Impression with expanded gamut, allows to reproduce a direct color conserving the visual identity of the mark.

Test Equinox

Why print 7 process colors, or expanded range?

Current brands include an ever-growing number of product variants. This leads to shorter life cycles of your packaging or labels. The result is a significantly more complex production process and higher costs of printed materials.

In today's economic climate, increasing profits means lowering costs. Equinox (Expanded gamut printing) Is the perfect solution to take your productivity to a higher level.

But finding the way within an expanded gamut can be very complex. Equinox combines the best software tools with great technical expertise to help you chart the best path forward.


- Reduce production costs

- Eliminate non-productive times in the press

- Eliminates ink changes

- Reduce direct colors without compromising the brand's visual identity